I remember this classmate of mine during O level year. She claimed that by reading a dictionary and learning “difficult” words, she can score an A1. I can’t quite remember if she was successful for English, but I do know that she was successful in Chinese by using this method.

There is someone whom I follow on Instagram. Her background is definitely impressive, being educated in a local university and graduating with stellar grades. Her enthusiasm for teaching inspires her followers, with many praising her as a dedicated teacher. Yes, I can’t deny that her grasp of the English language is better than most, but what really really irks me is her use of the word “stationary”. When she is clearly referring to this kind of stationery. I do know for a fact that it is not a spell-check failure as she has been repeating the same mistake for over a year. And no one seems to call her out on it.

I have read her blog a few times, and it does seem that she is a good writer, with questionable minor grammar errors. The range of vocabulary that you can read from her posts surpasses that of an average blogger. (Do bloggers even have a wide range of vocabulary? If I can get an acquaintance to stop referring to everything as “lovely”, I will be happy enough) Is it because of her vocabulary, coupled with the fact that she teaches English tuition for a living, that others do not let her know about her grammar errors or her misuse of words? Or is it simply because by being verbose, one can simply pull wool over others’ eyes easily regarding their own language ability?

My style of writing isn’t easy to read. My syntax is horrible, coupled with a lack of diligence in learning spelling from a young age. (you know, there is always spell check) I have heard so many accounts of people scoring well for English writing by simply regurgitating templates previously read and chucking in a good number of “difficult” words. To many students, the usage of difficult words seems like a fail-proof plan to score high grades. I am not saying that I am perfect, but has our English standard deteriorated to such an extent that only by being verbose, you seemed to know more about the subject matter? I rest my case.

Shifting the focus to personal matters, I am happy to say that the craziest two days at the office are finally¬†over. Rushing out a proposal is not joke when your only idea of a proposal was the kind you saw on YouTube. I jest. I get sleepy easily lately as well, but I think it could be due to my plan to be less reliant on caffeine than the fact that I am stressed and not getting quality sleep. I will be bidding for next semester’s modules and no hard decisions to be made, because I only have 3 to choose from for my major! Let us hope that the newly installed optic fibre broadband by a certain green star doesn’t die out on me tomorrow, because I really need to get one of the core modules.